My Story

Welcome to the beginning of a new you and a healthier lifestyle!

My name is Hannah Haynes, I am a certified personal trainer and competitive power lifter. I began my journey into fitness at a very young age, having lived most of my life, underweight and what I though was “weak” I decided I wanted to do something that gave me the strength I was looking for. I remember walking in the gym feeling overwhelmed and not sure what to do. When I started training I had no idea was I was doing most of the time but would make up random programs to get me through. I often steered clear of things I hadn’t tried before out of fear of doing it wrong. Once I began working out consistently I truly fell in love with the gym,I spent most of my free time in the gym (I also worked in an athletic club) and worked out multiple times a day. 


I didn’t realize that I not only developed a passion for working out but I also began to work out with friends who often would notice my physique changing and ask for tips or want to tag along with me at the gym. After helping many of my friends I learned I loved training and decided to take helping my friends to the next level and began my personal training business. 


Fitness is not just a number on the scale, its not just about eating only chicken and rice, it’s about learning to love the body your in and seeing the amazing things you can do through not only training but taking care if yourself to actively improve you’re health and quality of life. At Iron Body Fitness, we not only focus on training but the mental aspect as well. Creating a happy and healthy relationship with nutrition, fitness, and overall health. Thank you for choosing Iron Body Fitness and we cant wait to start this journey to a new life with you. #IronStrong 

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