My name is Hannah Haynes, I am 21 years old and  fitness, health and wellness have always been an important part of my life. I grew up in a large family and my mother and father believed in wholesome nutrition. For the better part of my life, I didn’t eat red meat, I seriously only ever had two pop flavors, Ginger ale (Vernor’s) and Sprite Or 7up, and almost everything I ate was organic or made with clean ingredients. Til this day I’ve never had a Big Mac, I had steak for the first time at 18 years old, and I’m still not entirely used to eating or preparing red meats. I grew up understanding the major impact and role nutrition plays in our lives. Being in a large family my mother naturally passed on not just eating healthy but eating healthy  at a low cost. Although, I was always active in my younger years in team sports, and many days spent at the YMCA. I started going to the gym with my sister at 14 years old, I’d walk into the gym with no plan or goal and machine hop, mostly cardio, until it was time to leave. That lasted until right before I turned 16, I worked at a local athletic club as a receptionist. I was allowed a free membership and began to experiment in weight training, the athletic club was owned by a former Mr. Michigan bodybuilder and other local bodybuilders would come in. It was then I set my sights on bodybuilding. With my existing knowledge and tons of videos right and wrong from the internet I began bodybuilding style training. Although, nearly 6 years later I haven’t been on a bodybuilding stage, that was a prime moment developmental stage in my fitness journey. 

By 18, I began college and realized I couldn’t afford coaching on my own and I didn’t have time for prep, I decided to take another route. At this point I began to dabble in strength training, I began with squatting and deadlifting, but was too nervous to bench press. I would eventually learn how to put aside my fears and be more daring and courageous in the gym, lot of my friends would ask me how I got “muscles” and what could they do to get them as well. At 16 I wasn’t really sure what to say so I repeated what I did and left it at that. By college, I began to develop a stronger foundation and general kinetic knowledge. Friends were beginning to ask me what I ate, how I got my arms to look the way they do or if we could workout together. In my adolescence at first it just made me feel extra-confident, however, when I started to gather a general knowledge base and tell my friends what I was doing nutritionally and physically I realized I loved the coaching aspect. During my sophomore year in college I created this short form I gave to a few of my friends wanting more serious advice and it was then when my love fully developed and I knew I wanted to become a certified coach. SO here I am a few years later, I love fitness and sharing it with others, I am excited to take this step and cannot wait to work with you! 

  • NASM, Certified Personal Trainer

  • Michigan Fitness Foundation Ambassador

  • Second Skin Gear Brand Ambassador

  • United States Powerlifting (USAPL) Michigan Junior 57kg lifter 

  • USAPL Michigan State Junior Squat Record holder 

  • USAPL Michigan State Junior Total Record holder

  • USAPL Michigan State Meet 57kg Open & Junior Winner

  • I love to travel, I constantly find myself looking at plane tickets almost weekly, mentally planning dream vacations

  • I enjoy playing the piano, I taught myself at age seven and then began lessons, I do not play as much today but I do whenever I get the chance 

  • I collect post cards 

  • True crime and serial killer fan

  • Podcast fanatic (I love Sword & Scale, Hollywood and Crime, Optimal living Daily, Dave Ramsey, etc.") 

  • Former local Miss America Competitor

  • Laughing, the feeling of laughter is something I love and cherish

  • Cuddling or playing with my dog 

  • Reading 

  • Writing 

  • Volunteering (teaching financial literacy, exercise classes, pound, etc)


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